Precisely focused on improving the beer wholesaler’s bottom line, BeerCampus provides beer-specific training to help distributors reduce operating expenses while simultaneously increasing revenues.

BeerCampus founder Paul Russell brings 50 years of wholesaler experience, recognizing the difference between distributor P&L and brewer P&L, and reflect that insight in the over 800 Courses available to sales, operations, warehouse and administrative employees, all day, every day

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"I have gotten RAVE REVIEWS about Beer Campus. Our personnel have really enjoyed the format in which the material is presented. A lot of our people reference the training that they get in our weekly meetings when they speak of successes that they have had in the market and here at the warehouse. That is a first around here because in the past, training is something that got crammed in at the end of the year. There is actually retention of what we are trying to get our employees to learn. Absolutely great!

Keep up the great work because we are really benefitting from Beer Campus."